New Funding Opportunity!

Funding of up to $4,000 is available to schools looking to implement or expand Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in the school environment.  Funds are designed to support sustainable changes and can be used to purchase items sich as coolers, Grab N' Go kiosks, insulated bags, or smoothie blenders.  All schools are eligible to apply!

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Deadline: June 4, 2014

The Spring 2014 Edition of Moo News has arrived!

Dairy farms across New England have been working hard to keep their cows warm and to bring you fresh, nutritious, wholesome milk and milk products. They, like most of us, are looking forward to spring! Be sure to check out the latest updates and pictures from a dairy farm in your state:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Print out your state's newsletter and post it on your classroom bulletin board so your students can connect to the farmers who bring them fresh, delicious and healthy dairy products!

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Power Up Your Plate With Dairy!

Did you know 8 ounces of milk contains 8 grams of high quality protein?  Experts recommend 20-30 grams of protein with every meal.  Enjoying a glass of milk with meals is a great way to help meet this protein goal, while providing many other important nutrients--including calcium, potassium and vitamin D!  Check out these great protein resources created by National Dairy Council to learn more.

Milk is needed in America’s feeding programs because it is seldom donated.  The Great American Milk Drive gives Americans a simple way to donate milk to help food insecure families in their communities.


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The Six Steps provide an easy-to-follow game plan to guide you through the program. New England Dairy & Food Council will reward your school for each step you complete.


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