A glass of milk packs a powerful nutrient punch!

Raise your glass of milk and toast to the dairy farmers of New England! Celebrate summer by enjoying three servings of dairy every day for your health. Have some fun by testing how much you know about dairy.

Here are some ways to celebrate all the benefits of dairy..…

At School:
  • Connect your students with a local dairy farmer from your state with Moo News!
  • Track how many cows it takes to supply your school with milk this month!
  • Want your students to better understand where their milk comes from? Check out our Farm to You Resources!

With Your Clients:

  • Let your clients know they can continue to enjoy dairy if they've been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Learn more and get resources!
  • Encourage your clients to add a cup of milk to every meal. Not only does it provide 8 grams of high quality protein, but lots of nutrients too! Learn more.


 In Your Community:



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